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Take the first step towards an exciting career in tourism! Apply now and embark on the adventure and learnings of a lifetime.It is a three-day training program for freelancers focusing on tourism careers in Chhattisgarh.

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Conservation of Environment, Culture and Heritage Unexplored Bastar

As a Brand Ambassador

To create a positive perception about Bastar and aware
people about its rich cultural heritage, biodiversity, history and
natural beauty. Herein, one can volunteer for the betterment of Bastar
for the mentioned cause.

Anyone who loves Bastar and wants to
contribute something positive to it can choose to volunteer. After the
submission of the registration form, volunteers would be shortlisted on
the basis of a telephonic interview for the program. Once selected, you
would be the “Bastar Brand Ambassador” in your respective


  • Positive work for Bastar
  • Increase in social circle
  • Become the Influencer of Bastar
  • Personality Development
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Free Backpacking trip to Bastar for 3 Days/2 Nights (from Jagdalpur to Jagdalpur)
  • Support local people/communities
  • Name in the website of Unexplored Bastar ( as Bastar Brand Ambassador along with the profile, contact details, location and photograph
  • Incubation of the ideas (if any) to work in Bastar

For Brand Ambassador

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