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Barsoor, the land of temples, is situated 20 kms.away from Geedam. Located at a distance of 30 kms.away from District headquarter Dantewada, it has been demanding to proclaim this place as a world heritage. It has been dignified as an ancient, archaeological, natural, cultural, sacred as well as a tourist site.

In archaic times, it was a glorious town. ‘Barsoor’ word is considered as apbhransh of Balsurya. ‘Balsurya’, in later times, became renowned with the name of Barsoor Garh, where remnants of the fort are found on the banks of river Indravati. All around this place, many temples and lakes were constructed in the perimeter of 8-8 miles by the then rulers, which can even be witnessed today. Sathdhar is also nearby.

Well-known as the city of 147 lakes and temples, this place is still weighed down by its prominence. Holding in its loop, world’s 3rd largest stone-built Ganesha Idol, it has Battisa Temple dated back to 900 years, Mama Bhacha Temple, Chandraditya Temple that are magnanimous.