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Under Kondagaon tehsil of Bastar district, Bade-Dongar leads to village Bhongpaal. 3 kms. on the north-eastern side of forests, the ruins of a huge Chaitya temple, Saptamatrika temple and Shiva temple has been found out. Nearby, a non-perennial river ‘Tamura’ flows.

‘Buddha pratima tila’ is referred as Dokra Baba Tila by the local people. 200 gaj (1800 sq. ft.) away from this place is two ‘saptamatrika tila’, known as ‘Rani tila’. The remnants of a huge Shiva temple and other temples are found here, but no idol is present. The Buddha Chaitya and the ancient hindu temple dates back to 5th-6th century. Before the excavation of this place, a 1.20 m wide, 1.30 m long, huge Buddha idol is found. This ancient idol is in deteriorated form. The Chaitya temple is built of bricks and it is the first and only brick-built Chaitya temple of Chhattisgarh and of great archaeological importance. Local people refer the Buddha idol as Gandadeva and Saptamatrika is referred as the wives of Gandadeva.