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Chitradhara Waterfall


Bastar has an array of waterfalls, many of them are perennial, while some are deprived of water during summers; but their beauty during rains and winters is nonpareil. Chitradhara falls under the latter category.

Chitradhara waterfall is a marvellous specimen of the beauty of Bastar. On the way to Chitrakote waterfalls, a runnel flows through the canyon of a small hill and it is an onset of the agriculturist cascade. For this reason, it has water during rains but in summers, its exquisiteness fades.

On the upper part of the waterfall, devotees have constructed a Shiva temple and a viewpoint to glance the winsomeness of waterfall. Nearby on both sides, trails run down to the submontane region of the waterfall. It falls from a height of 50feet in the form of a waterfall. The next main waterfall cascades down from a height of 100 feet leftwards and extends towards hills.

Also famous as a picnic spot, this waterfall is located in a quiet and remote place of the serene village of Potanar. Chitradhara, Tamda Ghumar and Mehndri Ghumar make the circuit to the Chitrakote waterfalls even more pleasant and blissful.