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Owing to the vast opportunities of tourism, Jagdalpur, is an important ancient and cultural city of Bastar. It has all the facilities and less costly as compared to the other cities in our country. It is a tourist place in itself consisting of many tourist attractions. Bastar Maharaja’s Palace, Maa Danteshwari Temple, huge Dalpat Sagar excavated by Raja Dalpatdeo, Anthropological Museum, Archaeological Museum at the heart of the city, Sirasaar Bhawan and the group of huge wooden chariots nearby, Lakshman Mound at the banks of river Indravati, Shiv temple of Mahadev Ghat, Parshavnath Digambar Jain temple, Jain temple at Dadabaadi, Tirupati Balaji temple.

Silk emporium, Mriganayani emporium, Murthi line (Sculpture line), places of faith related to Dussehra like Maa Mawali temple, Kaachan Gadi, Nisha Jatra spot, country’s first Collector office premises transformed into SevaSadhan etc. are the places of tourist attractions, while the culture of Jagdalpur overshadows metropolis culture, being a place of paradise for history lovers.

Jagdalpur is a beautiful city, distinguished by cross-roads (Chauraaho ka Sheher). Shahid Park, wooden carving craft at Murthi line, Mriganayani Emporium, ‘Sanjiveeni Kendra’ prominent for herbals. ‘Metguda Nursery’, ‘Abhinandan Park’, ‘Kosa centre’, ‘Lamni Park’, are adequate to spell-bound the tourists.

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