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Kotumsar Cave


Bastar has many hidden secrets for you. All you have to do is lose yourself to get fully connected to nature. Often compared to the longest cave of the world, Kotumsar Cave in Kanger Valley National Park is India’s longest and world’s seventh longest cave.  Plant remains, burnt earth, charcoal was recorded from Dandak and Kotumsar Caves of Kanger Valley National Park.

Kotumsar Cave was discovered by the renowned geologist Professor Shankar Tiwari in 1958. The length of the cave is 330 m, approximately 4500 feet and a depth ranging from 60 feet – 215 feet. No sooner did you enter the subterranean cave, beautiful stalactites and stalagmites welcome you to the dark underworld.  These limestone formations are in the shape of a Shivalinga inside the cave.

With numerous chambers, dripstones, stalactites and stalagmites, this cave is a major attraction for the tourists. This cave has rich faunal diversity with the famous ‘blind fish’ (the fish has poor eyesight and lacks pigment). Guides, torches are available for tourists. Kotumsar Cave is closed at monsoon and reopens from 16 October to 15 June. Also, Gypsy Safari is available for tourists to explore the beauty of the place.