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Narayanpal Temple


Just as Barsoor and Dantewada, Narayanpal temple is well-known for its cultural, historical and spiritual value in the heritage of Bastar. North-western side to Jagdalpur, connected to Chitrakote waterfalls, a village named Narayanpal, is situated on the other bank of river Indravati. This village has an ancient magnificent Vishnu temple that was constructed 1000 years ago. It is a beautiful archetype of architecture. The Vishnu Temple is established near the confluence of rivers Indravati and Narangi. It dates back to the 11th century. A small village got named as Narayanpur, nearby Vishnu temple, after the establishment of the temple. Thereafter, it came to be known by the name.

The temple is contemporary to the Khajuraho Temple of India. This temple is the only temple in the whole Bastar district where the idol of Lord Vishnu is ingrained. Built by Mumundadevi, the queen of Chindak dynasty, Narayanpal temple has the influence of Chalukya style of architecture.

Have a visit to this temple and relive the history of Bastar.