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Tamda Ghumar


Bastar is known for the immense beauty of nature. On the way to Chitrakote near Mardum, lies a perennial waterfall, Tamda Ghumar. This waterfall is formed by river Indravati flowing down a direct 100 feet plunge. With all the gigantic and wonderful waterfalls, this waterfall marks its presence amidst the silent valleys. During the rainy season, the greenery and the thunderous clouds magnify the beauty around. Due to the presence of a lot of peacock around the region, this waterfall is locally known as Mayura Ghumar.

Chitradhara, Tamda Ghumar and Mehndri Ghumar make the circuit to the Chitrakote waterfalls even more pleasant and blissful. Trekking down the boulders to the bottom of this waterfall gives an adrenaline rush to the adventurer’s soul.