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Tirathgarh Waterfalls


Tirathgarh Waterfalls is among the most enticing waterfalls of Bastar. The most beautiful waterfall of Bastar—Tirathgarh waterfalls in Kanger Valley National Park, formed from Kanger river and its tributaries or from some small runnels like Mungabahar, attains its magnified form and flows in a perennial structure. Specified by the murmuring sound, it falls from the heights in a single drop. Transformation of water flow into a waterfall can be held so picturesque that it does not depend on any particular weather. But you can glance at the best view after Monsoon.

In the rainy season, Tirathgarh waterfalls is water-flooded. It flows in its full width along with its channels and gets reflected as a huge cluster of waterfalls whereas, after October, it can be viewed in its pure white form.

Other falls descend from a rocky structure, fall into a fixed depth and form waterfalls, whereas Tirathgarh waterfalls form two to three waterfalls. On the uppermost plains, it is 200m wide and 110ft height. The rock-cuts are so amazing that it gives a unique view of the falls. Due to numerous waterfalls, Tirathgarh waterfalls is referred to as a cluster of waterfalls. Here, two major waterfalls falling in two stages contribute to the total height of more than 300ft. On the uppermost side, there is an old Shiva-Parvati temple on a large rock facing the waterfalls. Greenery produced by climbers all around is mesmerizing. Among these climbers, one can get a view of Ramdoot KapiSena (monkeys).