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Unexplored Bastar is a travel startup based on social entrepreneurship model from Bastar, Chhattisgarh. It is focused on sustainable tourism through community-based approach.In 2011, Unexplored Bastar started as a Facebook page but its actual journey as a Tourism Promotion Agency and Travel organization started in 2016 when one of the co-founders of its Facebook page, Jeet Singh Arya, decided to leave the corporate job and work on ground level. With the main objective for the tourism promotion of Bastar by involving local tribal community in the tourism sector, Unexplored Bastar has been working tirelessly along with endorsing the various natural as well as historical sites present in Bastar and its endowed tribal culture to the populous in Indian subcontinent and outside.

It started offering exclusively customized Bastar tour packages through social media infusion. With an active participation of various stakeholders in these tours categorized under Bastar Eco Tours, Bastar Adventure Tours, Bastar Leisure Tours, Bastar Backpack Tours and Bastar Ethno Tours or Bastar Cultural tour, it enabled successful implementation of the same proposed activities.

Meanwhile, Unexplored Bastar also started organizing several other promotional events with the support of Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, District Administration of Bastar and Dantewada and other local partners in the lieu to change the perception of the visitors who think of Bastar as a conflict zone. The entire approach is also followed by large-scale involvement of local tribal people with the support of APS, an NGO (tie-up with Unexplored Bastar) from Bastar which in addition led to generate livelihoods for them. Presently, Unexplored Bastar is impacting lives of 200+ tribal youth of Bastar. APS has trained approximately 240 local tribal people in the tourism and hospitality sector to enhance their employment opportunities. This included activities like providing stay to tourists at their homes, their assistance as local guides and an opportunity to sell their mass-produced handicrafts to tourists visiting Bastar. These local communities are the real service providers of Unexplored Bastar for implementation of different innovations at the grass-root level. They work structurally by forming Self Help Groups (SHGs) at Chitrakote, Tirtha, Dantewada, Palnaar, Phoolpad, Dholkal and Barsoor. Hence, Unexplored Bastar has created ample opportunities for sustainable employment of local tribal youth.

Unexplored Bastar commits to bring in the required change in behavioural traits of people towards ecosystem. Through responsible tourism practices, we commit to conserve the cultural and biodiversity heritage of Bastar.
Objectives of Unexplored Bastar

While many travel startups are focusing on technological advancements, Unexplored Bastar’s objective is to augment travel experience at Bastar. We strive to bring in eco practices in our tours while conserving cultural heritage too.

  • Reliving Adventure – Ecological diversity of Bastar provides ample opportunities for reliving adventure. Trekking through the lush green forests and camping under open sky gives the much required adrenaline rush Adventure sports at Chitrakote waterfalls (India’s widest waterfall) like flying fox, river crossing, zorbing, trekking, climbing, hiking, camping etc.can also be enjoyed.
  • Experiencing Tribal Culture – As Bastar is the soil of tribal communities ,hence Unexplored Bastar showcases the tribal culture – their festivals, local fairs, handicrafts, rituals (Devgudis & Matagudis) and their lifestyle (tribal homestays and tribal food) to explorers.
  • Appreciating Nature –Bastar is blessed with dense forestswhich offers the tourists ample opportunities to get sensitized to the biotic elements of our natural ecosystem.

Moreover, we customise the tour as per the likings of the explorers and offer trained local guides who have the expertise in the respective areas to enhance their travel experience.

In future, we plan on scaling our venture forward with promoting other remote areas in the heartland of Odisha and other North Eastern states.

A versatile passionate group of individuals working for a common cause

Jeet Singh Arya

Co-founder of Unexplored Bastar

Manish Panigrahi

Business Head

Ruchi Agrawal


Sunanda Thakur

Finance Manager

Apeksha Adwani

Sales and Marketing Manager

Prabodh Kumar Balyan

Operations Manager

Sikhar Sahu

Community Supervisor

Dr. Jagat Singh Parmar

Creative Head

Akash Mali

Sr. Operation Executive

Harsh Prabhat Nand

Community Mobilizer

Priyanka Badkas

Operations Executive

Anirudra Sarkar

Operations Executive

Priyanka Nag

Sales Executive

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