Dalpat Sagar

Raja Dalpat Dev, during his reign in Jagdalpur, excavated three ponds near RajMahal and turned them into a large lake. Spread over 385 acres, Dalpat Sagar is an important tourist attraction today. One part of Dalpat Sagar is developed into a park. The statue of Madia couple with their children, a symbol of Bastar culture, is an attraction. Established with the help of the Tourism Board, ‘Musical Fountain’ is alluring, with its three shows during the evening. Motor boat facility is available in Dalpat Sagar. In the midst of Dalpat Sagar, Shiv temple is constructed on a mound. On the occasion of Mahashivratri, visitors come by watercraft and motor boat to visit Shiva temple.

On the way to Dharampura, there is a Maa Gayatri temple rightwards. On its backside, at the banks of Dalpat Sagar, a grand picturesque Balaji temple is situated. By the initiative of the South Indian community of Jagdalpur, Balaji temple is a replica of Tirupati Balaji temple. The entrance of the temple is marvelous. Idols constructed in South Indian style are extremely fascinating. The temple’s garbagriha houses an idol of Venkatpati Balaji.


Bastar itself is an ideal territory to go camping. A quaint place surrounded by dense forests, countless layers of hills dotted with greenery and no trace of human civilisation for miles- can the idea of camping be better than this? From guidance on pitching the tent to experience the local tribal delicacy- Unexplored Bastar is always there to spice up your routine travel experiences. 

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Local Food

If there is one thing about the Bastar that stands out differently, then it’s the local food of Bastar. Being a tribal territory, Bastar has always been upfront with the diversity to showcase its delicacies- in different forms, styles, and ways to present. After getting exhausted post hiking, when you sit next to a flowing stream and have local food offered on green leaves- it certainly feels good. 

To evoke your real gourmet, come and experience countless local delicacies made with authentic local touch and love. Check out our curated food-walk experiences.

Nature Walk

Bastar has plenty of countryside destinations where you can indulge in a “Nature Walk” like never before. The fragrance of petrichor, the gushing voice of rivers and streams, fresh air, and drizzling sky- every inch brings surprise to the beholder when nature blooms at its fullest. Unexplored Bastar has spent a lot of time observing and exploring every nook of the territory to discover quaint spots for the Nature Walk. We believe that with every Nature Walk guided by a local or professional guide, you end up getting more than you seek.

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Sightseeing with your eyes, and sightseeing with the additional eyes of a local guide who knows the locality makes a lot of differences. Every mesmerizing destination in Bastar has an interesting story related to it. Be it any natural marvel, an architectural gem, tribal habitat, historical caves, or festival- it fills colors to the sight you witness when you know the story behind it. We believe that sightseeing isn’t just sightseeing until you go back with the factual knowledge that you can share every time you tell that story. 

Do experience quintessential sightseeing with Unexplored Bastar and come back with a new version of yourself.


Travel is fun. Travel is more fun when you do travel for a purpose that helps you know the geography, culture, lifestyle, and history of a particular place. Our backpacking and other historical tours let you understand the roots of rural life and tribal culture. We take you to ground level where you will stay at a local homestay, have local food made by authentic touch, understand the art & craft, rejoice in the local festivity, and explore the hidden gems. It’s a wholesome experience to rejuvenate your wanderlust, and that too is real. 

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