Tirathgarh Waterfalls

Specified by the murmur sound, falling from the heights in a single drop, transforming of waterflow into a waterfall can beholded so picturesque that it doesnot depend on any particular weather. But the best view can be glanced after rainy season.
On the way to Konta from Jagdalpur, 29kms.away rightside, a path leads to Bastar attractions. The most beautiful waterfall of Bastar—Tirathgarh falls, constituted from Kanger river and its tributaries or from some small runnels like Mungabahar, attains its magnified form and flows in a perennial structure. Most of the rivers and runnels of Bastar are non-perennial but to sustain the flow of this falls, Kanger runnel (nala) always struggles. In rainy season, Titathgarh falls is water-flooded, flows in its full width alongwith its channels and gets reflected as a huge cluster of waterfalls whereas after October, it can be viewed in its pure white form.
Other falls descend from a rocky structure, fall into a fixed depth and form waterfalls, whereas Tirathgarh Waterfalls form two to three waterfalls. On the uppermost plains, it is 200m wide and 110ft height. The rock-cuts are so amazing that it gives a unique view to the falls. Again, falling from the height of 125ft, it forms a second waterfall. Almost after flowing 100ft, again the distributaries form numerous waterfalls flowing stepwise in 5 to 10m or 1 to 2ft. Due to these numerous waterfalls, Tirathgarh falls is referred to as a cluster of waterfalls. Here, two major waterfalls falling in two stages contribute to the total height of more than 300ft. On the uppermost side, leftwards, there is a group of four Shivalayas. This group has a Tulsi Chaura along with the idols of Nandi and other deities. The huge rocks have large beehives at places. Greenery produced by climbers all around is mesmerizing. Among these climbers, one can get a view of Ramdoot KapiSena (monkeys).
2kms. Westwards to Tirathgarh falls, there is a small village named Tirathgarh. A Shivalaya is also constructed on the topmost portion of the falls and it is well-known as a pilgrimage centre. Every year, at the time of Mahashivratri, a Mela lasts here for 3 days and it gives a feeling similar to Kumbh festival. Thus, “Tirathgarh” name proves to be relevant.
According to folklore, there were two brothers named Tirathraj and Chingraj. Fascinated by scenic beauty, they made this part of Bastar region, their capital. Chingraj established a village named Chingithrai and constructed a grandiose temple dated back to the 11th century. It is 7km.away from Tirathgarh. On the same way, Tirathraj made his garh on the lower region of Tirathgarh falls and established Tirathgarh village on the upper region, which is lively till date. Wreckages are still visible on the banks of rivers which are almost completely destroyed.
Keeping in view the minerals, Tokapal region is marked for Kimberlite rocks. This Kimberlite belt is spread upto Tirathgarh. Kimberlite rocks constitute diamond.
Situated in a mountainous and inhabited region, it is best to visit this place by own vehicle, while it is convenient to take food and water. Positioned at the girth of 35-40km around Jagdalpur, it is accessible in one hour. It is best to visit this place between October to February.

Adventure Sports


Boating always brings joy to that heart who can feel the exhilarating experience. Forget about your normal idea of boating as Bastar has something more meaningful to offer. Looking towards the distant view of mighty waterfalls, or lush green forests, or hilly slopes- you can feel adrenaline getting pumped inside your veins once you start moving in the boat. Unexplored Bastar has a long list of curated boating experiences, and that too at the countryside- not at your usual tourist point. 

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When chilling cold or shivering rains hit you hard, you know that what is going to bring you warmth and cosiness. Either you’re camping at any remote location, or you just want to lit up your evening where you can see your friends jamming and storytelling together around the fire- bonfire becomes the answer. While the entire world is running behind romanticising the idea of the bonfire, we still offer it in a raw and simple form- like how locals prefer.

If you think you’re willing to have this moment, Unexplored Bastar would customize your experience, and gift it like unadulterated memories!


Bastar itself is an ideal territory to go camping. A quaint place surrounded by dense forests, countless layers of hills dotted with greenery and no trace of human civilisation for miles- can the idea of camping be better than this? From guidance on pitching the tent to experience the local tribal delicacy- Unexplored Bastar is always there to spice up your routine travel experiences. 

But brace yourself- camping in Bastar with UB can be so profound experience in the wild that you may come back soon.

Cave Exploration

There aren’t many places in India where you can experience Cave Exploration. Bastar territory is dotted with numerous historical caves whose stories of significance and history would surprise you anyway. What’s more interesting is that the exploration of the cave by yourself- like getting direction in the absence of light, negotiating pitches, squeezing in between the boulders or crawling down the rocks. 

With professional guide and everlasting spirit, Unexplored Bastar offers a lifetime experience of its own for those who want to explore the caves.

Chariot Pulling


Hiking is a blissful experience for those who can get it back after acknowledging its unseen offerings. It’s a meditative experience when you go hiking in the forests with typical jungle ambiance, sheer peace, and fresh air. It’s just that with every moving step, you know more about yourself- your alter-ego. The rejuvenating experience becomes special when it’s done with Unexplored Bastar because they offer hidden trails to hop on.

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Local Food

If there is one thing about the Bastar that stands out differently, then it’s the local food of Bastar. Being a tribal territory, Bastar has always been upfront with the diversity to showcase its delicacies- in different forms, styles, and ways to present. After getting exhausted post hiking, when you sit next to a flowing stream and have local food offered on green leaves- it certainly feels good. 

To evoke your real gourmet, come and experience countless local delicacies made with authentic local touch and love. Check out our curated food-walk experiences.

Nature Walk

Bastar has plenty of countryside destinations where you can indulge in a “Nature Walk” like never before. The fragrance of petrichor, the gushing voice of rivers and streams, fresh air, and drizzling sky- every inch brings surprise to the beholder when nature blooms at its fullest. Unexplored Bastar has spent a lot of time observing and exploring every nook of the territory to discover quaint spots for the Nature Walk. We believe that with every Nature Walk guided by a local or professional guide, you end up getting more than you seek.

If you’re a nature lover who wants to give yourself a treat, then there is no other simple yet productive way than opting for “Nature Walk” with UB.

Peak Climbing

River Crossing

River-crossing is a kind of adventure that needs expertise along. River crossing scenes in plains are completely different from the Himalayas due to flow uncertainty. That’s what makes it more interesting than others. With a local guide putting a hand in hand and describing every minor detail, you cross another adventure of your life. That feeling of thrill running down the spine and being satisfied in the lap of mother nature would fulfill you at the fullest.

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Rock Climbing


Sightseeing with your eyes, and sightseeing with the additional eyes of a local guide who knows the locality makes a lot of differences. Every mesmerizing destination in Bastar has an interesting story related to it. Be it any natural marvel, an architectural gem, tribal habitat, historical caves, or festival- it fills colors to the sight you witness when you know the story behind it. We believe that sightseeing isn’t just sightseeing until you go back with the factual knowledge that you can share every time you tell that story. 

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Travel is fun. Travel is more fun when you do travel for a purpose that helps you know the geography, culture, lifestyle, and history of a particular place. Our backpacking and other historical tours let you understand the roots of rural life and tribal culture. We take you to ground level where you will stay at a local homestay, have local food made by authentic touch, understand the art & craft, rejoice in the local festivity, and explore the hidden gems. It’s a wholesome experience to rejuvenate your wanderlust, and that too is real. 

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