Kanger Dhara

Stepping down feet on the grounds of Bastar, tourist’s eyes get a rare glare. One such alluring place is—Kanger Waterfall.
Situated in the bio-forestry region of Kanger National Park, Kanger Waterfall is an appealing but miniature waterfall. Slowly this place is developing into a picnic spot. After creating Tirathgarh waterfalls near Tirathgarh village, crossing the National Highway, Mungabahar enters Kanger Valley National Park and flows in the form of Kanger river in the bio-forestry region, combining with Kolab river ahead.
On Jagdalpur-Konta National Highway, 26kms away from Jagdalpur, there is Kotumsar Naka. Rightwards, it leads to Tirathgarh Waterfalls and on the left, it leads to the gateway of Kotumsar, Kailash, Dandak caves and Kanger Valley National Park. On this way, 4km away on the leftside, a board indicates that around 200m away Kanger Waterfall is noticeable with its exclusive beauty.
The uncommon elegance of Kanger Waterfall is completely capable of overwhelming tourists. Flowing through the rocky structures, Kanger river falls from a height of 30ft and creates the wonderful Kanger Waterfall.
On both the sides of Kanger Waterfall, plain rocky surfaces provide a place of rest to tourists. Kanger Waterfall’s charm cannot be compared to the nearby Tirathgarh Waterfalls, and this may be the reason for its ignorance by tourists.
Tirathgarh Falls, Kotumsar caves, Kailash caves, Dandak caves and Kanger Waterfall can be developed as a group of tourist spots. Being accessible, Kanger Waterfall gives a silent invitation to visit again.


Boating always brings joy to that heart who can feel the exhilarating experience. Forget about your normal idea of boating as Bastar has something more meaningful to offer. Looking towards the distant view of mighty waterfalls, or lush green forests, or hilly slopes- you can feel adrenaline getting pumped inside your veins once you start moving in the boat. Unexplored Bastar has a long list of curated boating experiences, and that too at the countryside- not at your usual tourist point. 

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Local Food

If there is one thing about the Bastar that stands out differently, then it’s the local food of Bastar. Being a tribal territory, Bastar has always been upfront with the diversity to showcase its delicacies- in different forms, styles, and ways to present. After getting exhausted post hiking, when you sit next to a flowing stream and have local food offered on green leaves- it certainly feels good. 

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Nature Walk

Bastar has plenty of countryside destinations where you can indulge in a “Nature Walk” like never before. The fragrance of petrichor, the gushing voice of rivers and streams, fresh air, and drizzling sky- every inch brings surprise to the beholder when nature blooms at its fullest. Unexplored Bastar has spent a lot of time observing and exploring every nook of the territory to discover quaint spots for the Nature Walk. We believe that with every Nature Walk guided by a local or professional guide, you end up getting more than you seek.

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Sightseeing with your eyes, and sightseeing with the additional eyes of a local guide who knows the locality makes a lot of differences. Every mesmerizing destination in Bastar has an interesting story related to it. Be it any natural marvel, an architectural gem, tribal habitat, historical caves, or festival- it fills colors to the sight you witness when you know the story behind it. We believe that sightseeing isn’t just sightseeing until you go back with the factual knowledge that you can share every time you tell that story. 

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Travel is fun. Travel is more fun when you do travel for a purpose that helps you know the geography, culture, lifestyle, and history of a particular place. Our backpacking and other historical tours let you understand the roots of rural life and tribal culture. We take you to ground level where you will stay at a local homestay, have local food made by authentic touch, understand the art & craft, rejoice in the local festivity, and explore the hidden gems. It’s a wholesome experience to rejuvenate your wanderlust, and that too is real. 

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