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Startup Incubation Unexplored Bastar

Unexplored Bastar had started its journey as a travel startup in 2016 when the startup culture was in its nascent stage. When tourism in Chhattisgarh state was at one of its second-rate stages, Unexplored Bastar marked its presence with a great strategy to promote regional tourism. Local communities, advanced technology, proper research, niche market and many factors led to the proper functionality of the travel startup based on social entrepreneurship model. Since then, there was no turning back.

In 2017, Unexplored Bastar with some of its partner organisations had organised the Bastar Innovision Conference. The idea behind this conference was to bring all the budding Startups at a single platform. Various Startups focussed on varied fields like Mahua laddu, Photography, customised Bastar handicrafts and many more are actively engaged to boost the regional economics. Unexplored Bastar plays an important role in developing, testing and marketing their ideas of the unique products and hence augment their growth potential. To build a strong and inclusive ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Bastar, Unexplored Bastar is providing its expertise in market research for the partnered services.

Under the social initiative of Startup Incubation, Unexplored Bastar acts as a catalyst tool for economic development.

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