5 Reasons why you should plan a trip to Bastar in the month of June

By Apeksha Adwani

Before we go into the whys of Bastar as a travel destination let us introduce you to what Bastar is as a travel destination. Bastar is a place situated at the southern part of Chhattisgarh state in India. A place with ample waterfalls, valleys, caves, forests and most importantly generous humans. In short Bastar is giving and below are the reasons why

  1. As the season transits during June from summer to monsoon the temperatures become pretty pleasant to be in Bastar. 
  1. The cultural heritage of the Bastar is so rich that it calls for an immersive experience at any given point of the year so when it comes to the cultural tour in Bastar, the seasons don’t really matter.  

Bastar cultural excursions are made up of all the good things. 

  • Bastar’s indigenous crafts aka Bastar art or Bastar crafts such as Dhokra art, wrought iron craft, Bamboo, Tuma, wood and terracotta art. The making processes of these crafts are worth witnessing. If you ask why? It is because it will make you wonder,  wonder how traditions are carried forward by generations for artisans, wonder about the amount of intricacy required to make a single piece of these handicrafts, wonder how these indigenous crafts struggle to survive sometimes because we forget to foster its existence.
Bell metal craft making process
  • Village visits can be quite an interesting experience for someone who has mostly lived fast paced city life. Wouldn’t it be delightful to take a little break and live slow for a while? To not have a sense of rush while having meals? To escape hurried tea breaks and have a calm sip of tea with absolutely nothing to do after? 
  • Local markets – The haats or call them hearts because you will surely want to give this experience your piece of heart once you visit one of these. Usually when we think of markets we think of trade but in Bastar’s local markets are more than that. Markets here aren’t meant only for trade, markets here are a part of local tradition. These setups are meant for social gathering of people from around the hamlet they are organized in. They trade items like Bastar handicrafts, organic produce etc. They also meet and greet, form connections, and play traditional games. This experience should really be in one’s not to miss experience in Bastar expedition list.

Here are the options for your cultural expedition to Bastar 

  1. Ohh! Sorry, we were talking about the month of June. 😅 So, here is the catch – in the month of June you will be able to spectate one of Bastar’s fascinating festivals – The Goncha festival. When it comes to festivities Bastar has a faltering list.  Goncha festival is one of them. We all know of Jagganath puja in Puri, Orissa but there is a lesser known chapter of Lord Jagganath homage in Bastar region. This festival is celebrated to honor and worship Lord Jagganath with all the traditional rituals. Show up in Bastar this June and get to know about the engrossing epic of Goncha festival. Our tour dates are 17-20th June. Check our more details and register here.

Speaking of festivals, did you know about the world’s Longest festival that is celebrated in Bastar?  Check world’s longest festival here – Bastar Dussehra

  1. “I don’t want to spend my time in the serenity of nature” – said no one ever. Any detail about Bastar is incomplete without mention of the splendid nature escapes it has to offer and any mention of nature escape in Bastar is incomplete without the mention of Chitrakote and Tirathgarh waterfalls. While Chitrakote waterfalls have the crown of being the widest waterfalls in India, Tirathgarh waterfalls in Kanger Valley National Park charms anyone with its layered exhibit. 
Tirathgarh Waterfalls
  1. Bastar may be more popular for its cultural and natural heritages but that’s not all that there is. It proffers some fine architectural gems as well. Bastar palace, Danteswari Temple and museums. The historical tale of dynasties Bastar was governed by is greatly intriguing. Additionally, there are a series of temples in Barsur that ask us to visit them. Why? Because these are our heritages and as we all know heritages are our only way to our roots, we ought to keep them alive. Their abandonment means losing our glorious past and we are not okay with it.
Battissa Temple

Check how Unexplored Bastar with the help of district administration, Dantewada and architectural conservationist participated in conservation of these heritages, here

  1. Here’s the bonus point – June is pretty much the last month you can enjoy boating at Chitrakote waterfalls before it is paused for good four months because of high water levels in Chitrakote waterfalls during heavy rains in monsoon.
Seasonal activity – boating at Chitrakote waterfalls.
  1. Okay! Wait here’s one more – Kayaking is a newly introduced activity in the region of  Kanger Valley National Park. Something, you sure do not want to miss out on when in Bastar.

As we encourage you to understand Bastar better we would like to insist on the importance of traveling sustainably. Travel keeping sustainable development goals in mind. We may not be able to make a huge impact all at once but we can try subtle deeds for the beginning, for instance buying ethnic products, carrying a steel water bottle to tremendous use of plastic bottles may help you start. 

For us our community based sustainable tourism approach has been the key to attain sustainable development goals. Know more about it here.  

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